We select the best grapes from our Moscatel vines. We harvest at night to take advantage of the cool night temperatures and prevent oxidation during the transportation to the winery. To do so, we have hopper trailers that go straight from the vineyard to the winery.

The harvest is received overnight in the winery where we proceed to stemming and crushing it. We apply liquid CO2 at -30º C to the harvest, to cool it at 10ºC and prevent oxidation in the must. We macerate for 12 hours at 10 ° C and gently press them with a pneumatic press. We only take the clean must to ferment at 16ºC adding our selected yeasts.

Once we’ve reached the desired alcoholic degree, we stop the fermentation by decreasing the temperature down to -2ºC, we filter to remove the remaining yeast, letting like this a natural sweet wine, due to the residual sugar from the own moscatel must.