The Winery

The Winery

Our warehouse is equipped with the latest technology to produce with our own grapes high quality wines. Bodegas Vegamar produces in a traditional way ​​but using technologies that allow our wines to be more aromatic, stable over time, with character and personality. The capacity of our winery is 800,000 liters in stainless steel tanks (resistant, inert and easy to clean material) with temperature control devices and water jackets to check the temperature of the tank at all times. Some of our tanks are equipped with inerting system so rather than oxygen they have carbonic to protect their contents. Fully equipped laboratory, where analyzes of must, wine, grapes are performed and where it lies the organoleptic tasting area.

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temperature control

We have a temperature controlled system of and stabilization of 240,000 kg / h, cooling water and injected into the reservoirs with water jackets for temperature control in both fermentation and storage, sorting tables, crate washer, strippers (separating the scrape of the bunch), pumps and pneumatic press.

The bottler has capacity for 3,000 bottles / hour. It consists of a monobloc machine which; washes the bottles, it dries them with nitrogen, fills them and corks them. On the other hand there is a capping and by pressure fits perfectly to the neck of it. Finally, the label machine sets the label and back label.

The barrels room

The barrels room has 1,600 m2, and is heated to maintain constant temperature and humidity throughout the year (80% humidity and 16-17 º C). Currently, we have 2,000 American oak barrels (60%) and French (40%). The lifetime of each barrel is approximately 8 years. After this time they are changed. In this same room we stock the bottles for their aging. It has a capacity up to 1,000,000 bottles stored in inert metal boxes to avoid contamination in the wines. They are the ideal conditions for breeding both in barrel and in bottle our wines. The barrels are emptied with a rapier (a long tube) and subsequently cleaned in the inside by a barrel washing machine by using hot pressurized water.

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