We carefully select the best bunches in our Grenache and Syrah plots and pick them at optimal ripeness during the hours of darkness, in order to bring the fruit into the cellars at the lowest possible temperature and thus avoid any oxidation of the grapes while they are being transported.

We convey the grapes using harvesting trailer-bins that go directly from the vines to the cellars.

The cellars remain open throughout the night to reception the fruit, de-stem the bunches and crush the berries. We add liquid carbon dioxide at -30°C to chill the must to 10ºC and thus avoid any oxidation as it goes into vat.

We do a 4-day cold soak at 12°C with numerous pump-overs, and once the alcoholic fermentation has begun, we let the temperature gradually rise to 26°C for over two weeks, in order to gain good colour and complete the fermentation of all the sugars. We use our own yeast selections for the process. We then micro-oxygenate the wines to stabilize colour, and we carry out the malo-lactic fermentation in vats using our own lactic bacteria cultures.

The two grape varieties are vinified separately and blended just before the bottling after having aged for at least 14 months in brand new French oak barrels.