To achieve our goal, the most important point is the raw material. In Vegamar we take care of our own vines as if they were a perfect garden. Our vineyards are located in a completely natural environment, surrounded by the rivers Turia and Tuéjar, spectacular for its beauty and exceptional for growing grapes and olives for its unique microclimate in the Los Serranos region. Its mountainous terrain makes the sun's rays impinge perpendicularly on the vines, enhancing their maturation, and protects them from inclement weather such as spring frost or hail.

The climate is Mediterranean - Continental, and since we do not get influenced by the sea, temperatures are more extreme. Winters are cold and summers are hot and dry, favoring maturation. It is noteworthy the difference in temperature between day and night during the months of ripening, which facilitates it to be slower and progressive, achieving a balance between acidity and sugar concentration.

The prevailing winds are the Cierzo and Solano, which contribute to the aeration of the vineyard. Rainfall ranges of 350-400 liters per year, concentrated in the months from October to April, favoring the sprouting or budding, because the vine has sufficient water reserves. Currently, we have approximately 100 Ha property in the area of Calles (Alto Turia), Valencia, of which 50 Ha are in production. We work with great varieties: Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Syrah, Tempranillo, Sauvignon Blanc and Macabeo. In addition, we are having some experiences with Petit Verdot, Pinot Noir, Gewurztraminer and Albariño, to continue to expand our range and meet the tastes of the most exigent wine lovers.

The great diversity of composition in our soils, allows us to obtain wines with different personalities and characteristics. Our vineyards are established on soils ranging from Sandy up to Silt and Clay. The different textures have the ability to retain nutrients and water differently. This determines the aeration regime to prevent suffocation of the roots and contribute to the richness and complexity of our wines. While the clay soils provide more abstract, body, color and polyphenols, sandy soils are considered hotter, so with the adequate rainfall we obtain reduced and regular harvests, giving aromatic wines of great finesse. In soils with a high percentage of silt, roots easily penetrate and produce quality harvests.

Our soils have medium-low fertility, suitable for generating quality grapes and in this way the vigor of the plant is in balance with the low production we are looking for. Since excessive force in the vines give high production and rude wines.

All our vineyards are planted on trellises. The trellis allows more leaf surface for the photosynthesis to take place, facilitate the maturation of the grapes and helps us to better defend the vineyard of diseases caused by moisture, as the clusters are further from the ground. The average planting density of all our fields is 2,200 plants / ha. Like that, we take advantage of the terrain and rainfall, so that the vines developed perfectly and the ripening process is the ideal, obtaining balanced and aromatic wines. All this results in wines of great quality and unique character.