Sightseeing in Calles

Bodegas Vegamar is located in an idyllic area, surrounded by charming villages, nature and activities.

Roman aqueduct of "La Peña Cortada"

it is a unique monument that was built to supply water to the city of Sagunto. To save the precipice of the Cueva del Gato this aqueduct was built. It is 36 meters long and 33 meters high. It’s formed by three arches on staggered pillars, cemented directly onto the rock on the bed of the ravine. It was built with stone blocks carefully square cut with Roman technique quadratum opus. It has a width of 2.10 meters in its highest part. The route is around 3 km., with an estimated time of about 1 hour and a half and a medium difficulty. Leaving the village, going towards the Ermita de Santa Quiteria, to the left there is a road, until we reached Alcotas Rambla. Continue along the path until you find a house that leads to a narrow path up the road Mas de Solaz, which slowly ascends through a forest of pines to the Corral de Torre Castro, which we crossed by a thorny cave and continue on a path that sinuously does down the ravine. A little later connected with a road that leads to Roman drain tunnels and cross the mountain by a large "pit" coming to the Aqueduct La Peña Cortada on the precipice of the Cueva del Gato.

Puente Alta recreation area

Bodegas Vegamar has rooms, offices, tasting rooms, audiovisual rooms, several dining rooms and modular tents for conducting various social and corporate events.

Fuente La Losa

Fuente La Losa recreation area, is 2Km. far from the village.

Sightseeing in Old Domeño

The Castle

The Moorish Castle is located on top of a small hill next to Old Domeño. It was restored during the First Carlist War by Elizabethan General Aspiroz. Currently it is in ruins, although it still remains the main tower bases and some auxiliary constructions.

The Waterfall

Beautiful waterfall in Old Domeño. You can spend a great day picnicking on the banks of the river. From the CV-35, you can see the waterfall from a viewpoint, but to see it up close is much more impressive.

Sightseeing Chelva

The Water Tour

An itinerary of 4.5km in a circular route, combining nature and culture, in a ride that lasts about two hours, with different areas to rest and enjoy the views. During the trip, we can constantly hear the sound of the water from numerous sources, sinks, drains and river. This route is easy to follow; it begins in the Plaza Mayor, guided by signs and information panels that facilitate the tour.

Molino Puerto –La Playeta

A few meters from the recreation area Molino Puerto (an old mill) is La Playeta (the little beach). A unique landscape of the river, with its waterfalls and quiet backwater areas make it a traditional bathroom area. It gets its name from the sand accumulated and dragged on the shore. The narrowing of the river upstream and the lush vegetation are places of great beauty, whose toponymy reveals its Arabic origin: Olinches, The Mozaira, Oran ..