The Winery

All you want to know about our Winery

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Bodegas Vegamar was born in 1999 in Calles, located inner north the city of Valencia, around 65 kilometers from the capital, in Los Serranos region, Alto Turia....

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The management of our vineyards is done in a respectful manner with our spectacular surroundings...

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We have our own vineyards we use to produce our own wines.

Our Visits

We conduct guided tours of the winery

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Winemaking Process

In Vegamar, the process is under control at all times, since the vines begin to sprout until the bottle is out of the cellar, controlling the quality of the fruit, the harvest, the winemaking process and the aging.

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The climate is Mediterranean - Continental, and since we do not get influenced by the sea, temperatures are more extreme. Winters are cold and summers are hot and dry...

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The winery is built surrounded by our vineyards; it is divided into three parts: the winery, the social home and recreation area...